Our Story

Dinote Founders Mitch Bleistern and Matt BleisternWelcome to Dinote! I’m Matt Bleistern. The stately gentleman to my left is my father Mitch Bleistern. We’re Co-Founders at Dinote Books, the company helping to advance literacy, a far-reaching issue in the US.

Imagine a book you once read that you just couldn’t put down. Maybe that author inspired you to cut a new path in life. Or,  perhaps you recently read an article that offered some fresh perspective on an important issue.  What about the directions printed on your prescription? Reading is an essential tool. It effects the course of our lives, our children’s lives, our culture, civics, and public health.


Today, 14% of the US population can’t read & write above a basic level. 

That’s 36  Million adults who are unable to independently improve their lives. They can’t contribute, they can’t connect. They can’t read to their children. They have no voice.

As concerned citizens and avid readers, we were shocked to learn of these statistics.  As an E-Commerce Digital Marketer, I knew I could partner with my dad— a building contractor with a lifetime of logistics and sales experience— to help make a difference.  Together with your support, our fellow citizens can turn the page, actualize their potential, and write what’s next — not only for themselves, but for this country, and maybe even for the world. Because great achievement begins with reading.

Our commitment:

  • We advance literacy. We contribute 15% of the proceeds from each purchase to Pro Literacy, a non-profit whose vision is for every adult to have the ability to fulfill his or her life through literacy
  • We care about the planet. Our pocket notebooks are made from 100% recycled materials. For our printing process, we use non-toxic vegetable inks. 
  • We create a positive impact. Each limited edition notebook is signed, numbered, and packaged by hand at New Jersey’s Friendship House, a non-profit community center creating opportunities for the differently abled


We passionately believe that literacy can light the way to a more mindful, hopeful, and productive future.


Matt Bleistern

Nerd, Entrepreneur, Keeper of the Dad Jokes, CEO of Dinote Books