Take notes and

make a difference

The Limited Edition

Dinote Pocket Notebook.

Capture your ideas, 

and make a positive impact.

15% of the proceeds from each purchase contributes  to Pro Literacy, a non-profit whose vision is for every adult to have the ability to fulfill his or her life through literacy. 

With each purchase, a donation

Dinote is dedicated to advancing literacy in The US.

Low literacy costs the U.S. at least $225 billion each year in unemployment,  crime, and loss of tax revenue.

$225 Billion

36 Million People

36 million adults in the United States are unable to read, write, or do basic math above a third grade level.

How we help

To us, it's always mattered how a thing is made. How it's packaged, the care for and of those who made it. 

We are proud to partner with Friendship House, a non-profit organization that provides vocational training and employment opportunities that help the differently abled build skills and achieve meaningful and productive lives. 

Each limited edition notebook is signed, numbered, and packaged by hand at Friendship House's non-profit community center.

We work with Scout Books of Portland, Oregon to make each notebook here in the USA.  We share Scout's belief in the power of little books to help people capture and share their big ideas. 

The Dinote Pocket Notebook



in your pocket.

Dinote books being prepared at Friendship House

“Paper is to write things down that you need to remember. The brain is used to think”.  — Einstein

Always ready to

capture the moment

Our pocket notebook is sturdy and small enough for any pocket

Free your mind to wonder

Quality made 

in the USA

70 lb. pages won't bleed, even with a fine tip marker or fancy fountain pen.

Capture your ideas



100% recycled paper, post-consumer chipboard cover, nontoxic vegetable-based inks


We all love a good adventure.  Human beings are natural explorers. We wanted the front of the notebook to evoke that feeling. We drew inspiration from the ultimate frontier of exploration: space. The design pays omage to the Golden Record inscription carried into deep space by NASA’s Voyager 1.

Reading = exploring

Hi There! We're Mitch & Matt Bleistern. We're a father and son team who want to make a difference, so we've designed this limited edition notebook to raise awareness for literacy rates in the US. Join us in support of advancing literacy, reason, and compassion in the US.

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